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You Made The List!

Welcome to my "list of lists".  I've decided to share some of my lists of all time favorites.  I hope you enjoy!

I've included the following lists that can be accessed through the navigation buttons above

(1) My All Time Top 25 Favorite Movies (as well as 75 "just miss" and my "honorable mention" list).  As a bonus this section contains my "Chick Flicks for Guys" list and "Remakes That Were Worth Remaking".
(2) My Top 10 Favorite Early MTV Videos.  Believe it or not, at one time they actually did play music on MTV.

(3) Great 70s TV.  IMHO the 70s was the best decade for TV.

(4) Bond, James Bond - My rankings of Bond movies, songs, villian, etc

Adding to this "list of lists" will be an ongoing project.



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