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Visiting Bourbon Country

If you're lucky enough to live in central Kentucky you can pick and choose when you visit individual distilleries.  If you're coming from any distance however, a very legitimate question is "how long will it take to tour all these distilleries?"  Another good question is "where should I stay?"

Well, all these distilleries are located roughly along a line that starts at I-65 at exit 112 in Clermont and ends near I-64 near Lexington.  As far as accommodation, I would recommend something in the Bardstown area.  From Bardstown you are very close to several of the distilleries and no more than an hour to the most distant.  A better question is how many days to you need.  I honestly can't imagine visiting all ten attractions in under four days and frankly that might be pushing it.  If you don't have that much time you need to pick which distilleries to visit. 

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