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Subaru Service Intervals

Disclaimer - I am not a professional mechanic and the information here is based solely on my experiences.  You can't go wrong following the manufacturer's recommendations to the letter.

Subaru has recommended service intervals for just about everything on the car.  There are two sets of intervals, one for "normal" driving and one for "severe" driving.  If you meet the definition for severe driving by all means follow the shortened intervals for service.  The thing is that most of us fall somewhere between normal and severe.  A couple of interesting intervals are engine oil and automatic transmission fluid.  Under normal conditions, the recommended intervals are 7,500 (oil) and 30,000 (transmission); under severe those intervals are halved to 3,750 (oil) and 15,000 (transmission).  I have always somewhat split the difference and change my oil at 5,000 and the transmission fluid at 20,000.  For everything else I pretty much strictly adhere to the manufacturer's recommendation.  If anything I do tend to be a little on the conservative side and replace something a bit early.  I especially do this if I catch a nice day in the winter and can work on the car in decent conditions.

A lot of people I know somewhat operate on a "fix on failure" type mentality.  These people are not thinking right.  Stuff is going to wear out on a car.  It's not a question of "if" but "when".  The idea of preventative maintenance is to replace something somewhat before it actually breaks and leaves you on the side of the road.


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