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Subaru Durability

As I move into my 12th year of Subaru ownership and past 224,000 miles, I am continually amazed by what I haven't had to replace on the Project 300K Forester.  The bottom line is that the car has not turned into some money by constantly having to service minor things on this car. The following is a partial list of items that are still as the car came from the factory:

Air Conditioning Unit - The unit still blows cold air and plenty of it.  I haven't even had to top off the coolant.  I did have to replace the clutch which did set me back a couple hundred dollars.  Unfortunately the condenser was sprung a small leak and at times the A/C just gives out.  If you turn it off for a couple minutes it will be blowing cold again.  I may look into repairing this myself but will not spend any significant cash on the job.

Alternator - The factory alternator still charges the battery quite well.

Heater/Defroster - The car very quickly heats up and the defroster easily clears fog/ice from the windows.

Lights - I have had to replace one head light bulb and the clock light went out at about 150,000 miles.  Other than that, all lighting is still working perfectly with the exception of the clock light.

Radiator - The radiator is still solid.  

Starter - This one absolutely has me amazed.  The starter still sounds as if it is brand new and quickly starts the car..

Steering - The steering remains "tight".  The power steering pump does not leak or make any noise.

Transmission - I have had absolutely no troubles with the transmission.  The only thing I have done was replace the fluid and filter at recommended intervals.

Windows - The electric windows still perform as they did the day the car was new.

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