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Stage III

Stage III - Basic Repairs to Get Roadworthy

I have never liked driving around with malfunctioning lighting and a broken taillight assembly is really bad.  I initially looked at eBay but the prices were outrageous.  I decided to hit the local salvage yards in search of a tail light assembly.  I went to “Pick a Part” first.  This is probably the nicest salvage yard I have ever visited.  They give you a list of all cars you are looking for by row.  The place is clear and well organized.  Sadly I didn’t find a tail light, but I will certainly be back to see what else I can snag.  I struck pay dirt at Grade A Auto Parts on Grade Lane in Louisville.  I had to pull the part myself (and had to crawl to the back due to a malfunctioning rear deck), but it was worth it to get the part for a mere 26.00.  Additionally I had to replace four 194 bulbs (4.00).

I purchased a Cherry Bomb 2 ¼ in/out muffler from Summit Racing for 32.99.  I purchased three 2 ¼ inch exhaust clamps as well as a 2 ¼ connector and turn down at Auto Zone (18.00).  I had to do a little cutting and grinding to get the right fit but the job was overall pretty easy.  I discovered a couple other small holes in the exhaust which I fixed with a repair kit (3.99 at Auto Zone).  Apparently whoever installed the exhaust was not a good welder as the holes are all at what should be welded connections.  I mentioned earlier that having a welder would be nice and I may in the future actually go back and weld the exhaust.

The job that really set me back was the broken window.  With no experience in installing power windows, I called in the pros – Safelite.  I watched the technician do the repair and am damn glad I didn’t try it myself.  It set me back 243.00 to have them come to the house and do I but it was well worth it.


Rear Tail Assembly                   30.00
Exhaust System                        51.00
Side Window                          243.00

Total Stage III                       324.00

At this point I have put just under 1400.00 into the car and have a pretty nice running vehicle.  I parked the car on my clean driveway for a couple days and was absolutely thrilled to find no leaks under the car.

So far the costs are:

Stage I                         785.00
Stage II                        253.00
Stage III                       324.00

Total                            1362.00                                  

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