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I should be no secret to anybody that I love just about everything about malt beverages.  From sampling to visiting breweries to collecting breweriana to home brewing - well, you get the picture.

Developing and maintaining my "Retroman's Malt World" section of this site is turning out to be a pretty big job (not complaining, mind you as I enjoy this stuff immensely).  I am actually working to populate the other sections of the Retroman40.com  site first and am working on this section as I can.  This is by far the largest section of my site and will always be a work in progress.  Please accept my apologies if you were looking for something special that isn't here yet.  As of this update (Late October 2014) I have posted a lot of information and you are welcome to see what I have posted.  As part of my "spring cleaning" last year (2013) in the garage I did some work on getting my 40 ounce bottle collection display in good order and finally took some photos to share.  The pictures are up to date with some recently acquired bottles that brought my collection total to over 200.  You can check them out here.  I have also recently gotten my entire breweriana collection in better shape to display.  Fully documenting as much of the background of various items of breweriana is a long term project I am working on as I get the motivation and time.

Before I go too far, remember that this site is primarily intended for entertainment and educational purposes.  In no way should anything here be construed as an endorsement of reckless or underage drinking.  No matter what your age you need to know yourself and know you limits and always exercise good judgement when consuming alcoholic beverages.  Sadly, good judgement comes from experience and experience often comes as a result of bad judgement.  Although I firmly believe that the 21 year old minimum drinking age law was (and still is) an ill-advise effort, it is still the law (see my "rules" about that) and until we wise up and change it I will adhere to it as the law abiding citizen that I am.  You can read my complete thoughts on age restricted products here.  Millions of Americans enjoy beer and malt beverages responsibly everyday.  It surprises some people (although I am not sure why) that other than the 21 law and a few other minor differences in philosophy I am a firm supporter of outfits like MADD - especially when it comes to drinking and driving. I know how consuming any amount of beer or other alcoholic beverages quickly erodes my driving ability; as such I personally follow a self imposed "zero tolerance" rule for drinking and driving. If I can't wait at lest one hour for every standard drink I consume away from home I will simply not drink unless I have a designated driver.  Drunk driving is a serious crime and we need to start treating it as such.  It sickens me that someone can get pulled through a knothole for a few grams of weed or other seemingly trival offenses while drunk drivers can still buy their way out of trouble.  We've come a long way, but every time I see someone killed or seriously injured as a result of drunk driving I remember that we still have a ways to go on this journey.  Bottom line - KNOW YOUR LIMITS and no matter what DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!  I don't often deal out advice but I really mean it here.  Drinking and driving shows a complete lack of both maturity and respect for your fellow human beings.   It really isn't worth it.  OK enough of the soapbox!

My Beer Backstory details some of the reasons why I love all things beer and malt beverages.  It is purely for entertainment.

The "My Collection" tab leads you to, well my collection.  I have posted photos of hundreds of items of breweriana that I have picked up over the years.  My goal is to eventually put as much information as to the origin of the items along with the pictures.  Personally, I enjoy the story behind items in my collection just as much as the actually item.  I don't collect anything with the idea of ever making any money from it.  I collect things because I enjoy everything about them.

My Favorite Cans are just that - my favorite can (not yours!).  Anyone who collects anything has to have a small number of items that stand out.  I'm no different.  These are the items that if I could only keep or display just a few things that would make the cut.  Certainly there is a backstory behind each one that I enjoy sharing. 

The "Favorite Malt Beverages" tab leads to a list of my favorites along with some commentary about my choices.  The reader may be surprised at some of my choices. 

"Malt Tributes" are just that - my personal tributes to some of my favorites.  This can be a particular brand, a particular brewery or even a bar or retailer.

One areas that I have kind of fallen down on the job a bit is Micros/craft beers and Imports.  I've rededicated myself to trying a much greater variety of beers and will share some of my thoughts in that section.  You can also check out my thoughts on the Craft versus "Crafty" debate.

One thing I really want to expand is my "In-Depth Malt Info".  My goal here is to provide a little more information on some of my 40 ounce malt beverage collection including tasting notes and other background info.  This section should not be confused with Malt Tributes above.  This is strictly about the beverage.

I've been a off and on home brewer for years.  My "homebrewing" section chronicles some of my experiences.  If you are a lover of beer, homebrewing is a great way to relax and at the same time produce some pretty darn good stuff.  I hardly consider myself an expert, but I am constantly learning and I think I do ok.

There are also a few other tabs that lead to my thoughts on some of the issues of the day in the world of beer.

Again, thanks for visiting and please come back again!

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