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As you might expect, I enjoy reading a great deal.  There are a lot of "classic" books that I believe are "must reads".  Of course there are a lot of "must reads" from other people that I really don't care for.  Below is a partial list of some of my all time favorite books.  This page will always be a work in progress.


Animal Farm
Brave New World
The Jungle
Catcher in the Rye
2001: A Space Odyssey

If you are a golf or sports fan, you need to check out the works from Dan Jenkins.  My all time favorite is "Dead Solid Perfect" but you generally can't go wrong with anything from him.

I am a big fan of Alistair McLean book.  My favorite is Ice Station Zebra.

Of course, if you can find any original Ian Fleming James Bond books by all means enjoy them.

If you like music, there are several books worth a look.

Hit Men
Between A Heart and A Rock Place by Pat Benetar
Lips Unsealed by Belinda Carlisle
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