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Project Horsepower

Author's Notes - Since moving to Florida I have pretty much gotten out of the Horsepower business.  Prior to moving we donated most of our equipment to a local technical school.  I have left these pages intact as a reference guide for anyone considering this type of activity.

I like to tinker with engines. In fact, I like tinkering with anything automobile related.  I find it very relaxing to work on breaking down and building engines.  It is especially relaxing when you are under no particular time constraints.  I have a couple engine projects that I am presently working on that I will chronicle here as I progress.  I may add additional projects such as a transmission or rear end project is a suitable platform can be acquired at a decent price.

Project 406 is my continuing work on a 406 cubic inch small block Chevy that I picked up in a trade several years ago.  I am not exactly sure what I am hoping for as far as a final outcome, but I want to have the engine running smoothly and ready to go.

I am fortunate to have a complete engine testing set up.  It is really nice to be able to tinker with an engine and get it perfect before installing it into a vehicle.  There is not much worse than putting an engine in a car and having to pull it out right away to fix something that could have easily be addressed if you could have started the motor out of the car.  Below are a few shots of the test stand (with the Project Street Stock motor).  You can see a more detailed description of the engine test stand including seeing how it went together by clicking here.
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