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Project 29 Intro

I think a lot of people who gain weight do so not because they are lazy or want to be overweight, but because they really don't have a good understanding of how their own body works.  I say their own body because I've determined through my own admittedly non-scientific research something that most of us already know - no two people are alike.  What works for one person may be a total disaster for someone else.  There are just too many factors that go into how someone's body operates to even consider a "one size fits all" approach to fitness. 

When you hear someone say "that didn't work for me" it's probably because it didn't work for them even if it worked for you.  As I embarked on my quest to be Fit After Fifty (code name Project29), it quickly became clear to me that how or why something worked was really not very important.  What mattered was that it did work.  The only way to tell if something works is to actually know what you've done.  I think that a lot of people over estimate how active they are and under estimate how much food they consume.  That's not a particularly good combination.  I also think that a lot of people want quick results.  Well, most things worth doing generally aren't easy and fitness, especially as you get older is one of them.

I call this Project29 because my goal is to feel and look like I did at age 29 (other than some grey hair perhaps!).  The thing is that my 54 year old body doesn't quite work in the same manner as my 29 year old body did.  A major part of the project is to determine the changes and explore how to adapt.

Remember - I am not a health care professional and make no claims that anything I do or did would work for anyone else (or for that matter is even safe for someone else to try).  My goal in sharing my experiences is to perhaps encourage others to explore different ideas and help them just maybe find something that works for them.

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