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Old 502

When you think of wineries, you generally think of some sort of bucolic setting, not a somewhat distressed urban area.  Well, if you can get by that and venture to 120 South 10th Street near downtown Louisville, KY you will find the Old 502 Winery and quickly realize that it was worth the trip. We went in with no preconceived ideas of what an urban winery would be like and were very impressed with the entire operation.  I didn't have a camera with me and the light was too poor for my outdated cell phone to really take good pictures.  The photos on the winery website - Old502.com - are an excellent representation of the place anyway.

Let's get to the important part - the wines.  We sat an a very nice bar and did a tasting consisting of all their wines (there were eight on the list the day we visited).  A tasting will set you back 6 bucks but you keep the very nice glass.  The atmosphere is very nice and the young lady who guided our tasting was friendly and knowledgeable about the wines and the winery.  The wines are all good and very reasonably priced for a small winery.  We liked them so much that we ended up buying four bottles to go.  We bought a bottle of "Reese Ling" (remember, Pee Wee Reese has Kentucky and Louisville roots); a bottle of Bourbon Barrel Red; a bottle of Bach's Wine and a bottle of After Choc (an outstanding desert wine).

The place was formerly the River Bend winery and restaurant.  We never visited when it was operating under this name.  I learned that when it was River Bend the operator focused more on the restaurant side of the operation and the new owners are much more focused on the wines.

The winery is visible through some windows in the tasting area.  There was nothing going on but we would like to visit sometime when the bottling line is in operation.

Bottom Line - This is a place that is definitely worth visiting.

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