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My Favorite Cans

Although I have hundreds of beer cans of all sizes in my collection, there are a few that I really like for a variety of reasons.  Let's call it that top 2-3% that if I had very limited room for a display would make the cut.  By clicking on the links below you can read the story about why I hold these cans in such high regard.  Please note that a can doesn't have to be particularly rare or very valuable or even that old to make this list.  It just has to have something about it that I like.

Note - Some of the links may not be active yet or if they are active lead to a undeveloped page.

Black Horse Ale - A great looking can from the old Fred Koch Brewery in Dunkirk, NY

Budweiser Malt Liquor - An early attempt by A-B to get into the Malt Liquor segment.

Busch NASCAR Series - A set of cans put out in 1993 depicting several NASCAR tracks.

Code 7 - A short lived Malt Liquor/High Gravity that I loved the can.

Dis-go Near Beer - I always liked the look of this can.  Maybe it's the hidden disco boy in me.  I was recently put off a bit when a panel of "experts" at the BCCA named this as one of the ugliest cans every made.

Four-O - A high gravity malt beverage that calls itself "Street Legal"

Fyfe and Drum - The Revolutionary American Beer.

Genesee Ale - "The Male Ale" - What a marketing concept - can you imagine the firestorm it would create today?

Magna Carta Cream Ale
- Must be the history aspect.

Robin Hood Cream Ale - I just like the look of this can.

Sports and Beer - They just seem to go together.

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