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My Collection

Over the years I have acquired a fairly decent breweriana collection consisting of cans, bottles, trays, signs and other items.  I enjoy sharing the images, but I particularly enjoy sharing the stories behind some of the items.  I hope the reader enjoys both the images of my collection as well as some of the stories.  Although the site is not intended to be some peer-reviewed reference, I do strive to get the facts right about things.  If anyone sees some kind of glaring error please let me know and I will fix it.

The "Beer Cans" tab leads to my 12 ounce "standard" US Can collection.  For a long time I was only interested in this type of can.  Later on I became more interested in other types of brewery and malt beverage items.  As it stands now, I simply don't have very much room left to display anything new.  With this being the case, I am very particular in what I add to the collection now.  I like to look at and enjoy my items, not have them stashed in boxes or in a shed somewhere.

One question I am frequently asked by visitors to my garage is how much is my collection worth?  To be honest, it is worth absolutely nothing to anyone other than a collector and only if they are interested in the item.  eBay is a great source to gauge value, but you have to be careful to look at complete auctions where a transaction actually was completed.  Just because someone has something listed doens't make it worth that amount.  Remember, most auctions end with no sale and zero bids simply because the opening bid was higher than anyone wanted to pay for the item.

I don't like to pay a lot for beer cans (or any item of breweriana for that matter).  I've paid 25 dollars for a couple cans years ago and to this day I look at them and wonder why.  Call me cheap if you will, but at the end of the day, it is still an empty beer can or bottle!

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