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Micros and Imports

I have always been fond of some imported beers.  While I was a student at the University of Buffalo in the later 70's and early 80's a favorite road trip was a quick trip over to the Brewer's Retail (now called the Beer Store) to purchase Canadian Beers that weren't available in the United States.  My favorite at the time was Molson Brador (I'm not even sure if it is still made).  I still like Canadian beers - a lot.  I also like many Mexican Beers, especially Dos Equis Dark.  I like Euro lagers.  I have in the past tried Asian beers and liked them too.  See a recurring theme here?

As far as micros, I first really got interested in micros after visiting the Dominion Brewing Company with a bunch of guys from the Marine Safety Center while I was stationed there in the early 90's.  I went through a phase where I literally only drank micros for a while.  The micro brewing industry is booming right now.  Of course now it's called "craft beer" (and I'm not really sure when the name change was made and to a certain extent I use the terms interchangeably).  Living in central Kentucky I have one of the finest microbrew producers (the Bluegrass Brewing Company) close by in St. Matthews.  In addition to BBC, the "new" Falls City Brewing Company is producing an excellent Pale Ale (it's contract brewed in Tennessee but they do produce some of their specialty beers right here in Louisville and they have recently merged with the Old 502 Winery).  There are a couple other local breweries too including the New Albanian Brewing Company, Cumberland Brews, Apocalypse Brew Works and the Against The Grain Brewery and Smokehouse.  I plan on visiting them all as I get the chance. 

I also have a section on what I call "Specialty Beers".  Included here are beers produced by bigger brewers but aimed at the micro/import segment.

For some reason that I really can't figure out, I've somewhat gotten away from micros/craft beers and imports.  I decided that for 2014 this is something that has to change.  There is such a diversity of beers available that any true beer lover has literally hundreds of choices.  I've decided that in 2014 I am going to really make an effort to reacquaint myself with some old friends and see if I can't make a few new ones.  Fortunately for me there are a couple stores near me that not only have fairly good selections of micros and imports but also sell singles that allow me to try something new without investing a fortune on something that may not be my style.

As far as sharing my experiences, I have joined the Beer Advocate community.  Their motto is "Respect Beer" and they do a pretty good job.  A list of beers I've rated/reviewed can be accessed here.  I will continue to maintain my separate micros/craft, specialty and import pages and will add to them as I have the time and gumption.

If there is one knock on these beers it is the cost.  Generally you have to expect to pay in the neighborhood of 7 to 10 bucks a six pack (or even more in some cases).  The problem is that these brewers use actual ingredients for ingredients instead of adjuncts like sugar, corn, rice, etc.  There's an old saying that "quality costs" and it's true.
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