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Lover's Leap

Located a little off the beaten path (do not use your GPS to find the place; instead use the website directions) just north of Lawrenceburg, Lover's Leap has become our favorite Kentucky winery.  The people who run the place are really super and the wines all pretty decent too.  We are members of their wine club.  What it means is that we are committed to purchasing three bottles of wine on a quarterly basis; of course that means that we venture over to Lawrenceburg every three months to pick them up (as well as anything else that strikes our fancy while we are at the place.  In return we get some special consideration at the winery.  Going through a bottle a month isn't much of a stretch around these parts and it gives us an excuse to take a nice drive to the winery. 

The place has recently gone through an ownership change but it hasn't changed the fact that the wines are all good.

We have recently become quite fond of the "Photo Finish" series of wines.  They all have nice flavor profiles and are suitable for any occasion.

For more information on their wines, hours of operation, etc you can check out their website at www.loversleapwine.com


As you can see from the pictures above, the winery is in a beautiful setting.  Below are some shots of their vineyards. The grapes are called "Norton".


The shots above were taken in September 2012 and you can tell from the shot on the right it is just about harvest time.

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