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I've been a fan of the LPGA Tour since the first time I attended an event in 1982 at Locust Hill Country Club in Rochester.  Until 2014 the event was called the Wegman's LPGA Championship (Wegman's last year of sponsorship was 2014 - the event has been renamed and is moving) but in those days was called the "Rochester International".  Even in those days the crowd on Sunday was huge.  I also attended a practice round earlier in the week and actually had a chance to talk to some of the pros.  I was extremely impressed as to how well these women hit the ball then and am even more impressed now.   Not a lot of women's golf was televised in those days.  With the advent of the Golf Channel, woman's golf has gotten a bit of a boost but still doesn't enjoy the popularity of the men's tour (and probably never will for that matter).

In some ways I both understand and don't understand the reasons.  Most men should much more easily relate to the women's game.  A good women professional hits the ball around the same distance as a decent amateur man.  They hit all their clubs similar distances.  When I hear Tiger is hitting a nine iron from 195 I can only smile as 195 is a four hybrid for me and I hit the ball pretty decent.  At the same time I can also understand why guys won't watch because for some reason it bothers them that women can play better than them.  I don't even want to touch the complaints that the Asian women are taking over.

Regardless how you feel, I am an unabashed fan.  
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