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Jim Beam

With the opening of their new "Jim Beam American Stillhouse" in October 2012, Jim Beam has set the standard for what a tour at a bourbon distillery should look like.
Above is an image of the ticket.  Yes, it will set you back eight bucks but it is 100% worth it.  The tour takes well over an hour and you are never bored, in fact you are constantly engaged in the bourbon making process.  The tour consists of two distinct portions, a small scale small batch distillery and the larger actually distillery.  Along the way you pretty much get to see every facet of the bourbon making process from mashing to distilling to aging to bottling to tasting.  The pictures I took really don't capture just how good this experience is.   Below is a gallery of pictures taken during the small batch distillery portion of the tour.

After going through the small batch distillery, you head on over to the main distillery.  Below are some photos taken during that portion of the tour.

If you don't have time for the main tour, there is a walking tour available.  Below are some pictures from that portion.

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