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JD Distillery

If you are even remotely a fan of Jack Daniel's a visit to Lynchburg is an absolute must if the chance arises. the Jack Daniels Distillery is located, of course, in Lynchburg (Population 361) Tennessee.  If you are coming from the north, you are better off taking I-24 out of Nashville as it is somewhat shorter.  Whether you are coming from I-24 or I-65, Your GPS will get you directly to the front gate of the Visitor's Center with no problems.  I've said this before but will say it again, the distillery is a bit off the beaten path.  The roads are fine however but there are quite a few miles of two lane somewhat rural type roads.  While it may seem a bit of a bother, I think anyone who has visited will agree it was worth the trip.

For a first time visit I would plan on spending at least three to four hours.  Depending on when you visit, you might have to wait to take a tour.  Waiting really isn't a big deal since no matter what I would allow at least 30 minutes to check out all the displays in the Visitor's Center.  After the tour it is well worth the time to visit downtown Lynchburg.  You can drive but if you are physically capable it is only about a 10 minute walk via a nice walkway from the Visitor's Center.  

The tour has subtly changed over the years and I can't guarantee that it hasn't changed since my last visit in July 2014.  They now have a tasting option.  The basic tour has always been free (although I know a small fee wouldn't discourage me).  There is a charge for the tasting tour.  Since my daughter is still under 21 and my son really doesn't care for whisky (yet) we chose the regular tour on our last visit.  Perhaps on a future tour we will go for the full effect.

The tour does include a fair amount of walking but they take you to the highest point of the tour in a small bus and it's mostly downhill.  There are some steps involved.  I honestly don't know if they can accommodate persons with disabilities so if you have concerns I would call ahead to see what the story was.

I have included galleries from 2004, 2009 and 2014.  Sadly, my photos really doesn't capture the spirit of the place as well as a visit would.  Still, I hope the reader enjoys the virtual tour and is inspired to visit in person!
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