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For anyone who is a lover of all things malt related, home brewing is somewhat of a natural next step.  I actually owe my introduction to home brewing to a guy I was stationed with on the U. S. Coast Guard Cutter Ironwood in the 80s, Andre Turner.  Andre was a Quartermaster from Washington State.  In addition to being an excellent navigator and overall great sailor, Andre had an appreciation for good beer and was a natural home brewer and got me into it. That was probably around 1986.  I bought a complete home brewing kit from an outfit called William's Brewing in Seattle and was pumped when it arrived in Kodiak.  I don't remember what I brewed the first time but I do recall that it came out pretty good.  Over the years I have gone from very hot to very cold as far as home brewing; some years I made as many as six or more batches and some years I never brewed a drop.  Of course, each time I got back into it I tended to expand my operation.

I should add that I am still a loyal customer of William's Brewing.  They were a fairly new operation in 1986 (they started up in 1979) and they have continued to be a leader in the homebrewing supply business.  Their selection of everything from kits to equipment and everything inbetween is outstanding.  I have stayed a loyal customer because they have never let me down.  If you are considering home brewing or even if you already are a home brewer, I give William's my highest recommendation.  They have the complete package; price, selection and service.  I had a yeast package fail and they replaced it with absolutely no questions asked.  You don't get that kind of customer service too many places today. 

One of the things that makes homebrewing a great hobby is that you can start out with very little upfront "investment" and still produce some decent beer.  For example, my friends at William's offer a "basic" home brewery (that includes a beer kit) for around 115 bucks.  You still need a brew pot, but this is a great deal.  I've spent 115 bucks on dinner with my family before while on vacation at some over priced theme restaurant!  As you progress with the hobby you can add more equipment to enhance your experience.  Of course, there is a significant amount of satsifaction in consuming quality beer that you made from scratch.  Another great thing is that a home brewery doesn't take up a lot of room.  When you don't have a batch going the whole thing will fit neatly in a closet or corner of your garage.  When you're ready to brew again you just have to clean and sanitize everything and you are good to go!

I've broke this section into a couple areas including FAQ's, and "What's on tap?" that can be accessed using the buttons above.

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