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Great 70s TV

In my opinion, the 1970s was the best decade for television.  There are a number of TV series from that time that I can watch over and over and they never get old to me.  This list will always be a work in progress, but here goes anyway. 

Kojak - Arguably Kojak is my absolute favorite 70s TV show.  I think why I might have such fond memories is because it was also a favorite of my father and we would watch it together.  When the show first came on the air in 1973 I was just an eighth grader.  The show was on at 10 PM on Wednesday so the only time I could watch it was over vacations and of course during summer reruns. 

Hawaii Five-O - Although the show debuted in 1968, its run included the entire decade of the 70's.  This was another favorite of my father that we watched together. 

M*A*S*H - It's hard to believe that M*A*S*H is now over 40 (the 40th Anniversay of it's original premier in on September 17, 1972).  I still watch it in syndication and to me it is as fresh today as it was in the 70s.  This is probably because it is based on a fixed period of time that doesn't change.  I recently found a great website devoted to the show www.mash4077tv.com.  If you like the show it is worth a look.

Barney Miller - I once had Barney Miller described as "the most realistic police show on TV" by the chief of the Erie County Sheriff's Department when he addressed a Sociology class I took while at the University of Buffalo.  Although the show lasted from 1975 to 1982, I still consider it primarily a 70s show.

The Bob Newhart Show - Bob Newhart is one of my all time favorite funny men and as a Psychologist surrounded by a great cast of nuts he was at his deadpan best.

The Rockford Files - Another favorite of my father and me.

WKRP in Cincinnati - An underappreciated gem.  If you never watched it and can find it in syndication or on something like Netflix give it a try.

One Day at a Time - Although the show spanned two decades (1975 - 1984) I consider it mainly a 70s show.  She might be "Hot in Cleveland" but Valerie Bertinelli will forever be little Barbie Cooper to me.

Alice - I always wanted a bowl of Mel's chili and to be told to "kiss my grits"!

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