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Gay Marriage

Author's Notes - I wrote this some time ago and every time I review it if I make any changes they are minor edits to make it read better.  I have been fascinated reading the background of Florida recently allowing same sex partners to be married.  It turns out that the state (via the Attorney General) pretty much fought this tooth and nail.  I read one columnist that found it odd that a childless, twice divorced woman (the Attorney General) could stand in front of a judge and talk about marriage with a straight face.  Reading some of the comments that some people will make regarding this topic makes me ill.  As I say in the piece below, there are very few people of such high morals that they should even remotely question others.

I can sum this one up real easy; let people be who they are.  Didn't John Wayne say something like that (I believe the correct line is “A long time ago, I made a rule, I let people do what they want to do”) in the movie "Hondo"?   I honestly can see no reason why homosexual couples are not allowed to get married.  Let me make it clear - I support any legislation that recognizes gay marriage.  It is not the end of the world (as we know it).  Let me put it another way - There are a lot worse things going on right now that should be concerning all of us. Gay marriage shouldn't be one of them.

OK, the "traditional" term of “marriage” is one man and one woman, but at least in our society, marriage has pretty much become synonymous with the term “domestic partner”.   Considering that over half of traditional marriages end in divorce, it is easy to say that divorce has become "normal” in our society.  I wonder whatever happened to that "til death do us part" thing.  When I was growing up in the 60's and 70's, a kid who didn't live with his birth mother and father was the rare case.  Today it is just about the opposite.  On the other hand, it is not unusual homosexual couples to have been together far longer than many traditional marriages last.

Please spare me your moral judgement on the issue.  If you're religious, you should already know that judgment is God's job, not yours.  There are not too many people who are of such high morals that they should even consider questioning others regarding theirs.  People have been trying to impose their morals on others pretty much since the beginning of mankind.  It didn't work too well then and it still doesn't work.  Making something illegal doesn't make it go away, just underground.  If you're that concerned about morals what about people who live together and aren't married?  What is now referred to as "living with your significant other" used to be called "living in sin" and children born to such couples were considered "illegitimate".  That was wrong then; families are about love and caring for each other, not a piece of paper.

If using the term “marriage” bothers you that much OK – how about going with “domestic partner”.  Can you live with that?  What we are talking about here is mostly legal things – property, the ability to make decisions when the other is incapacitated (like in the ER).  Here's a newsflash for you - people already are living this way.

Of course a big thing is taxes, particularly the Federal Income Tax laws that favor people who file as “married filing jointly”.  Well considering how screwed up the tax codes are this needs to be addressed along with a complete overhaul of the entire system.  Of course, that's a topic all unto itself.

My wife (of over 27 years) and I function (in addition to husband and wife) as “domestic partners” – we share the same home, we own property jointly and can speak for each other in important matters.  Perhaps the term marriage is just plain old outdated in our society today (or at least doesn't mean what it once did).  I don't call myself Retroman for nothing - I’d love to see us go back to a 1950’s “Ozzie and Harriet” type world but that’s probably not going to happen in my lifetime.  Things are what they are.  I learned a long time ago that you need to accept people for who they are.  Again for those who claim this violates their religious beliefs (recalling that they are YOUR beliefs and yours alone) aren't we all God's children?  And don't give me the line about children needing to be punished sometime (see "Judgment" above - not your job)

Would a domestic partner type scheme be subject to abuse?  Of course but only because the government would somehow screw it up with “rules” that would require government approval. 

Two people  – no matter what their sexual orientation or lifestyle – should not have to ask the government (or much less other people) for permission to live together.

Bottom line –  Setting aside little details like the 14th Amendment (that pesky "Equal Protection Of The Laws" thing) and your own (and they are just that) moral judgments, how does legal gay marriage hurt you?  It doesn't.  They say love is a many splendid thing.  It also comes in all forms.  You don't understand it?  That's your problem.  People have the right to be happy and who they are; and that's their call - not yours or mine - and that is the bottom line!

Reviewed: June 27, 2017

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