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Galliano - Discover Gold

I've been fond of Galliano for a long time.  I have had this "Discover Gold" book since the late 70's.  Some of the images aren't as sharp as I'd like but all the recipes are readable.  I did some looking and there really isn't that much information available about the history of Galliano.  I do know that today's version is somewhat different than the late 70s though.  I have a bottle that I bought recently and it is 60 proof (30% ABV). The bottle shown in the Discover Gold booklet is 80 proof (40% ABV).  The booklet also states that Galliano is made and bottled by Distillerie Riunite di Liquori, Solaro, Italy.  Galliano is now a product of Holland (per the label on my recently purchased bottle).  One think that hasn't changed however is the flavor.  In spite of the change in proof and maker it sure seems the same to me.

One thing I am sorry that I no longer have is a Harvey Wallbanger poster.  I can't recall exactly what happened to it but most likely I gave it away at some point to someone who told me how much they loved it.  Considering how much stuff like that I have acquired over the years that just seems logical to me.  I think Galliano gets a fair amount of interest due to its somewhat unique bottle.  Galliano offers a somewhat unique taste and is worth a try.  You won't find this in the book, but if you mix about 1/2 a shot of Galliano with a can of coke it tastes just like Root Beer.

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