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Fun Stuff

I needed a place to put random fun stuff that may be of interest.  I think it's all worth a peek!

Memories of Rochester and Upstate NY.  I was born in Rochester and spend my entire youth living there.  I have a ton of fond memories of the place that I enjoy sharing.  I am going to put up as many "old school" photos of the area.  A lot of things have changed, that's for sure.  The trip down memory lane starts by clicking HERE.

Jim as a kid.  I found some fun shots of me as a kid.  If anything they are worth a look just for the chuckle!  The laughs start by clicking HERE.

We do know Jack - Jack Daniels that is.  Let's face it, Jack Daniels is about as iconic of an American brands as you can get.  Over the years we've picked up a number of commerative and interesting bottles.  We never intended to get into collecting the stuff, but it really makes for a nice display in the basement.  Check it out!

Is clipping grocery coupons really worth it?  How about other types of coupons and other savings programs?  Do they pay off or are you just providing businesses with an easy way to collect data on you in exchange for nothing?  I decided to see for myself in 2013.  I have dubbed this "Project Cheapskate".  No, this will not be an exercise in "extreme couponing" and I am only going to count savings on things we would have needed anyway.  This may be interesting.

Do you like to read?  Well I do; and I am particularly interested in reading books that for whatever reason other people don't want me to read.  Check out my Book World for all the details.

Want to see me on TV?  I recently did an interview regarding how I feel about drug testing kids.  You might be surprised at how I feel.  Check it out!

Old School Liquor Promotional Materials - I recently came across some liquor promotional materials from the late 70s.  These are some pretty elaborate books that you would get at liquor retailers.  I have them for Bacardi Rum, GallianoWild Turkey Liqueur and Yukon Jack.  I also found a book from around 1979-80 from the Gold Seal Winery. You can check them out.
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