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Fit After Fifty

This section is currently still under development (of course, who of us isn't?).  I hope to have it completely up and running by early in 2014.

A lot of things suck about turning 50.  For one thing, you realize that you are most likely well into the second half of your life.  Still, turning 50 doesn't have to suck that bad.  My "Code Name" here is "Project 29".  It's a bit of a knock off of a clothing store called "Forever 21" (which by the way is a pretty decent store, especially for women - their men's styles just aren't me). In case you came directly to this page (check out the rest of the site!) I spent nearly 26 years in the U. S. Coast Guard.  One of the little things we had going was manditory weigh-ins to ensure we were all within our allowable weights.  One of the problems with this type of thing is that somehow the belief is that if you weigh under an arbitrary number you are somehow "healthy".  Well, I have known some super skinny chain smoking alcoholics that can barely walk up a flight of stairs and at the same time known folks who struggled an entire career with making weight who were exceptionally robust and otherwise "fit" individuals.  

I chose the project name based on the results of a weigh-in in the fall of 1989 just prior to my turning 30. I found the report in a bunch of papers I was sorting through after my retirement.   My weight was 172 pounds and I wore 32 inch waist pants.  More importantly, I felt really good in those days all the time.  Over the course of the remainder of my career, I slowly worked my way up to 185 pounds and 36 inch pants.  At my final official weigh-in in April 2009, I tipped the scale at 184.  After I got out, for some reason (perhaps eating too much and not exercising enough comes to mind) I put on a bunch of weight and by the end of 2009 I was approaching 200 pounds.  Three numbers got to me 50 - 200 - 38.  Of course I turned 50 in late 2009.  Tipping the scale at 202 gave me cause for serious concern.  The 38 was the size of pants I was going to need if I didn't do something.  38 is too close to 40!  At 5' 8" 200+ pounds is no good - period.  Naturally I had no trouble losing 20 pounds and by May I was right back to 184.  By December I was once again pushing into the high 190s.  I felt like some kind of Hollywood phony doing the "yo-yo" thing.  This was totally unsat!

In 2011 I once again quickly dropped down to the low 180s.  I was feeling pretty good about myself but knew that if I let up I would be right back to where I started from.  For the rest of 2011 and 2012, my weight hovered between 175 and 180.  According to the BMI charts I am "overweight".  The problem is that I feel great.   I am wearing 34 inch pants (and they're a little loose) and my goal is to get right back into 32s.  One thing I've learned is that losing weight is easy - it's the maintaining that is tough.  It isn't just celebrities that do the yo-yo thing.

2013 was not that kind to me.  I didn't exercise enough and ate too much at the same time.  The result was predictable and I gained some weight (although I kept it well under 200).  What's worse is that I didn't feel good either.  In 2014 I want to get myself to where I feel good.

I hope you'll follow the navigation buttons above where I share some of what I learned along the way and hope you find it interesting and maybe even humorous.  You can start by going to my Project 29 Intro page.

I do need to state upfront that I am not a doctor or health care professional in any way.  My site is a reflection of my personal experiences in this area.  I highly recommend that you consult with the appropriate professional before undertaking any serious diet and exercise plan.  A lot can go wrong if you aren't careful.  I will add however that if your doctor is not 100% supportive of your efforts the answer is not to change your plan but to find a new doctor!
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