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Dutch Harbor

If you watch the popular television show "Deadliest Catch" you may be familiar with Dutch Harbor.  During my time on the Ironwood, Dutch Harbor was almost like a second homeport to us.  Some times I felt like we spent more time there than in Kodiak.  I've seen pictures today and while a lot still looks the same to me there does appear to be some big differences too.  I hope the view will enjoy some of my pictures of Dutch Harbor and Unalaska as they were in the mid 80s.  Additionally, I have included a gallery of my best Dutch Harbor/Unalaska shots. You can view it by clicking HERE.  There really wasn't a lot to do in Dutch Harbor in those days other than taking a hike, going to church or going to a bar.  I generally liked to take a hike to a bar (bypassing all churches).  Check out my thoughts on Dutch Harbor bars of the mid 80's by clicking HERE.


The above left photo is the Ironwood tied up at the APL dock.  The photo on the right is a long view of Dutch Harbor with Ballyhoo Mountain in the background.


The above left photo is of Unalaska while the photo on the right shows the inner harbor.

The photo above is my attempt at creating a panoramic view of Dutch Harbor and Unalaska. 
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