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Buffalo Trace

The Buffalo Trace Distillery is located near Frankfort.  Below is a gallery of photos taken during tours.  The tour(s) are ok but not as indepth as a couple others.  I say tours because they have two different length tours.  I've been on both (jsut by chance - we didn't try to arrive any particular one.  As far as different aspects of the bourbon business, you won't see any mash tanks or the distilling process.  You will see aging and get to see the small batch bottling operation (the tour doesn't cover the larger, faster process).  There is a tasting at the end of the tour.  As with all distilleries, the guides are very friendly and knowledgable about their distillery and bourbon in general.  Of course they have a gift shop with a nice selection of Buffalo Trace themed clothing and other merchandise for the bourbon lover.

For more detail, you can check out their official website at www.buffalotrace.com.

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