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Bond Bad Guys

Any James Bond movie relies heavily on the quality of the villian.  By "quality" I mean you have to absolutely hate the guy (or gal) and want their demise to be as horrible as possible. Rather than an absolute ranking, I have decided that as I rewatch each Bond movie I will do a reevaluation of the villain and update this page.  Eventually there should be 23 entries for 23 villians.

Silva - Skyfall.  I never thought I would say this, but there is a "better" villian than Auric Goldfinger - Silva in "Skyfall" has to take the top spot.  I loved Javier Bardham in "No Country For Old Men" as Anton Chigruh, but if he doesn't win another Academy Award for "Skyfall" something is wrong.  This guy qualifies as a Super Villian.

Auric Goldfinger - Goldfinger.  Let's face it, this guy would just about anyone for any reason.  He was prepared to kill thousands around Fort Knox.  This guy was bad and certainly qualifies as a Super Villian.

Emilo Largo - Thunderball.  Anyone who is ready to set off a nuclear device off in a major city qualifies as bad in my book.

Blofeld - Diamonds are Forever.  Certainly a top level extortionist.

Doctor No - Dr. No.  The guy was ready to start WW III.

Kananga - Mr. Big - Live and Let Die.  Yappet Koto did a wonderful job as a crooked dictator/drug smuggler.

Rosa Krebs/Hunt - From Russia with Love.  They were in it for money and revenge against Bond.  Not in the same league as some of the more super villians.

Stremburg - The Spy Who Loved Me.  He did hijack a couple nuclear subs but somehow just doesn't seem that bad to me.

Scaramange - The Man with the Golden Gun.  An assissin after Bond. 

Kristatos - For Your Eyes Only.  The guy was in it for money.  Not a particularly bad guy.

List updated - November 25, 2012

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