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Bond - James Bond

It should be no secret to anyone that I am a HUGE James Bond fan.  My love of all things Bond can be traced back to my youth.  My father was a big James Bond fan and had quite a collection of James Bond paperback novels.  Starting as about a seventh grader I started reading them and absolutely loved them.  Since I was only 2 when the first James Bond movie, Dr. No was released I obviously didn't see it (or for that matter most of the early Bond movies) first run in a theatre.  The first James Bond movie I actually have a recollection of seeing first run in an actual theatre was 1977's "The Spy Who Loved Me".  The conclusion of the opening scene still is my all time favorite and still is exciting for me to watch. 

For a while I somewhat lost interest in the Bond franchise.  Daniel Craig taking the role in "Casino Royale" re-energized me as far as Bond was concerned and the recent release of "Skyfall" has me squarely back into the whole deal.  I have seen all 23 "official" James Bond movies to date.  It's tough doing a ranking because over the past 50 years a lot has changed with film techniques as well as with the world in general.  "Cold War" era Bond movies don't really make sense to younger people who don't remember it since it was essentially over before some of them were even born.

One thing I have started to do is to freshly rewatch all the Bond movies.  This is a great "project" for bad weather days.

As with 99% of what you find on this site, the rankings are 100% my personal opinion.  The only criteria is my own tastes.  I hope you'll click the buttons above and enjoy my opinion.
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