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Let’s get one thing straight about abortion; I absolutely despise the whole idea.  That being established, the only thing about the whole debate I despise even more is the government telling anyone what they can do with their body.

This is hardly a “black and white” issue.  There are a number of shades of grey that need to be considered.

The best way to eliminate the need for abortion is to reduce the number of crisis pregnancies.  The “just say no” crowd is really clueless.  Believe it or not, people are going to have sex.  When people have sex, no matter what steps they take (or don’t take for that matter) to prevent pregnancy, there are going to be unplanned and unwanted, hence the term “crisis” pregnancies.   This number can be reduced through both availability and education in the proper use of birth control. 

There are people who believe that making birth control available will increase the number of people having sex, particularly among young people.  This opinion is so outlandish I really don’t know how to debate it.  There are also people who object to birth control being a required part of heath insurance.  Well frankly there are some other things covered by insurance that I am not a big fan of but understand we don't get to pick and choose in all cases what gets covered.  I really don't have any answer to these people other than to suck it up or elect representative who share their view - and good luck with that.

Even with increased availability and education, as they say, accidents will happen (they write songs about that don’t they?).  In these instances, there are options other than abortion.  The complete array of options needs to be available including arranging of adoption as well as support for a woman who decides to keep their child.  How many times have you heard the reason given for an abortion was "I had no choice"; so much for the "pro-choice" crowd.  I guess with respect to this issue I have lived a very sheltered life in that no one in my family has had to deal with a crisis pregnancy.  If that had (or ever does) happened, I know for certain that we would want to be able to consider every available option.

I hate the terms “Pro-Life” and “Pro-Choice” because they attempt to take a complex issue and make it almost into a true/false or yes/no question.  Of course, in our ten second sound bite society, that’s about all the time you do have.

So, should the government regulate abortion – no; but at the same time we can’t just leave a woman involved in a crisis pregnancy hanging to fend for herself. 

Reviewed August 24, 2014

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