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40 Ounce Bottles

Early in my days as a collector I generally shunned bottles.  For the past several years I have been fascinated with not just 40 ounce bottles but the whole subculture that is often attached to them.  I started to actually collect 40 ounce bottles in late 2004 as well as study the culture and history.  Over the past several years I have acquired a fair collection of these bottles representing  everything from light beer to over 10% ABV malt liquor. The gallery below contains pictures of my current 40 ounce bottle collection.  I been trying to add a little commentary for each bottle as I get the notion.  As far as the collection itself, this is my complete collection of 202 different 40 ounce bottles as of February 20, 2014.  For my top favorites I am working on separate pages that can be viewed by clicking on the name above (this is still a pending project that I will be working on during 2014).

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