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40 Collection Display

Although I have uploaded individual shots of my 40 ounce collection, most of the enjoyment I derive from the collection is how I actually display it.  The vast majority breweriana collection is displayed in my garage.  It makes my garage look like a combination sports bar/museum in addition to being an actually working garage.  I made no effort to center or crop the photos as I was the viewer to get the idea of how it actually looks.  The gallery below was shot in late February 2014.  I completely redid everything after I hit 200 bottles (I have 202 as of this update).  While I love sharing it virtually, I would enjoy it much more in person so consider this an invite!  I will add/change pictures as I acquire more items or move things around.


While I was taking some pictures in the garage, I also shot a couple of my work bench.


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